Indiana Solar Professionals

Current Indiana solar incentives include generous rebates for solar electric and solar hot water systems. When combined with Federal solar rebates your solar panel installation will likely be as much as 50% less because of the incentives! Our solar installers will be happy to answer your questions and explain the benefits of installing solar power. Simply fill out the quote form and a certified solar installer will contact you by phone at your convenience.

Solar power makes sense for Indiana!

The Local Experts

Getting your panels installed by our local experts in solar is critical to ensuring your panels are installed safely and in accordance with the National Electric Code. Our NEC-trained installers care about properly installing and grounding your solar system so that it will last for decades. Fill out our forms to get more information from a licensed, approved solar installer.

Indiana solar incentives.

Indiana is one of the best states for solar power for two resaons: it’s abundant solar energy and it’s fantastic solar incentives and rebates. Look here for details on the Indiana energy tax credit, rebates, grants and solar incentives like the Alternative Power and Energy Grant Program.

Solar panels will save you money and federal tax rebates help.

Indiana Solar Panel Installation – How To Start

Step #1. Fill out our quote request form to give us basic information on your home or commercial enterprise, the proposed location for the solar panels, and your contact information.

#2. A Indiana solar installer will call to ask further questions about your home and arrange a time to meet with you in person or over the internet.

#3. In the on-site visit a solar pro will talk to the homeowner and analyze the potential for solar at the site. If good online measurements are unavailable they might take measurements as well. The solar pro will be there to answer your questions.

#4. Solar installer will deliver a detailed Indiana installation proposal, complete with pricing and tax incentives listed. Proposal includes all applicable rebates, from local, Indiana, and federal energy tax credits. Contracts are then signed.

#5. The typical solar panel installation takes 3-5 days after the solar panels and equipment arrive. Solar panel installation will usually involve 2-4 well-trained Indiana installers working together to complete the job and get your installation done in a timely manner. Sometimes it might take longer if it rains. For some insight, learn about how to install solar panels.

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