Get a quote today so that you can have your questions answered about solar. There’s never an obligation to purchase something if you get a free solar installation quote, so you can rest easy. This information is necessary so that professionals can locate your home on Google Earth or Bing Maps and see if there are too many trees or not enough space to install solar before you move further.

    Who installs solar?

    A professional solar installer with experience and training will install your solar panels. Solar installers are even required to complete annual Continuing Education courses that update them on the latest safety and installation guidelines when installing.

    How much money can I save?

    Most homeowners can see an immediate savings if they finance their solar power with a loan through a credit union or through their installers. The average homeowner’s electricity bill can go from $300 per month to $ZERO DOLLARS PER MONTH! If their loan costs just $150 per month, that could equal a savings of $150 every month without any risk.

    You are already paying your electricity bill. This is unavoidable. Every moment you wait to install solar you are losing money. You are losing money by reading this sentence. (Unless you already have solar.) It’s easy to do the math and see for yourself.