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It is now the right time to choose solar, and Big Red is here to help. There are tax incentives given by various governing bodies to promote solar installations which could take as much as 50% off your solar panel installations, making them cheaper than they have ever been. Putting solar panels up at your business will help you know your costs and save money. Home solar panel installation will definitely save you money in the long term. We are licensed and professional solar panel installers and we are ready to answer your questions. Start below.

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Alternative Energy Information

Guides for Solar Panels for Residential – We have guides, videos and photos on everything you might want to know about installing alternative energy. We know about the future of this technology and how it will benefit your home as well as reduce pollution.

The World Needs Solar Power

If you think climate change is man-made or if you don’t, solar power is the right way to go because of it’s long term cost benefits. Solar panels can, with maintenance and occasional replacement, generate power for 100 years after installation. Most have warranties that last for 10 years or longer. The sun is an infinite resource, and solar panels can generate solar energy for as long as the sun is shining unless components inside them break down, which is unlikely if the panels are well manufactured. Going 100% green energy is about more than politics, it’s the right thing to do.

Solar Panels are Stronger Now

Solar panels can now produce more wattage per inch of solar panel than ever before, thanks to better manufacturing techniques for silicon solar panels. The thinner the cells inside the panels can be made, the easier it is to make solar more efficient as the electricity flows better. New thin film also helps lower the cost of solar everywhere. These factors have made solar panels cheaper and yet more powerful than ever.

Investment Tax Credit

The United States government created new laws that are providing a 21-30% tax credit for anyone that purchases and installs solar panels, wind turbines, or other alternative energy products. The credit covers all your installation costs for whatever kind of clean alternative energy you are installing. Some states even match this tax incentive – for example Iowa provides another 50% of that federal tax credit. Other available incentives from state and local governments are able to reduce your upfront cost for installing solar energy panels and wind power by as much as 80%. When factoring in the energy savings you achieve and the increases to the value of your home from a residential solar panel installation, the long term investment returns are approximately 20-25% in most cases. You can combine solar with electric vehicle charging stations to truly drive and produce 0% emissions.

Residential Solar Panels and Solar Energy

Home solar power is more affordable than ever. Solar panel prices have plummeted in the last year and new financing options are now available that enable homeowners to install solar panels without major upfront payments.

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Generation X, Y, and Millennials, now have the opportunity to push the world into green, clean energy. We can boldly go towards energy of the future where we don’t generate pollution and every saves money over the long term. As more people adopt solar panels, the price of solar consistently goes down. That’s good for the country and everyone.

Pros who install solar.

Professionals who install solar can get all kinds of certifications proving their experience and knowledge about solar. It is certifications like these that can make a difference in your choice of solar installer.